SwitchEasy Nude Case for iPhone 6/6S Ultra Clear

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SwitchEasy Nude Case for iPhone 6/6S 商品介绍

Designed right
NUDE� is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. This NUDE for iPhone 4 case is unique in its class as its thinner and tougher than any of its contenders. Measuring in at a tiny 1mm thin we believe this is the optimum thickness giving you enough protection while still being thin enough to go unnoticed - its as naked as it can be.

UltraClear means; UltraClear.
As a SwitchEasy tradition they ensure that all of their Ultra Clear iPhone 4 cases have no lines or mold markings of any sort that could compromise the beauty of a clear case, and NUDE is an excellent example of this. If you add to the equation that NUDE is only a remarkable 1mm thin, the end result is an Ultra Clear, Ultra Thin case made from an unbelievably tough material. It's so discreet you'll barely notice you have a case on; it's as naked as it can be.

Protect it all
NUDE is one of the first full covered thin cases in the market. In addition to their traditional connector protectors, SwitchEasy have also included color matching 3.5mm jack protectors for users just wanting to use it as a plain phone. With NUDE, dust and grime are the problems of the past.

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