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Upgrade from Huawei Mate 10 to Galaxy S10 [Samsung Galaxy S10e Dual-SIM SM-G970F/DS - 315657]

  • ddkinces
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What's kind of settings I should do to copy all my data on Mate 10 to Galaxy S10? I really need to move my contacts and photos to S10.

  • Derek_W Staff
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Personally speaking, I migrated all my contacts to a new phone by synchronising the data to my Google account. For more informaiton, please refer to the Google Help page.

Photos can be synchronised with Google Photos or copy them to a micro-SD card alternatively.

  • Canpluse
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Yeah, Google account can do that,but it's also easy to lose data from phone if you have a lot of contacts or photos on your phone that need to be moved,this is not the safest way.

Let me share you another way to move all data between Huawei and Samsung.

  • ddkinces
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The download speed is too slow and it could takes days to complete the photo sync