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LG v20 h-990ds: There is no B&O earphone (False advertisement from expansys) [LG V20 Dual SIM LG-H990N - 296279]

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Potential buyers be aware! I received this phone (v20 h-990ds) the other day and was suprised to find out there is no B&O logo on the back of the phone. There is no B&O earphone as well. This version only comes with a ordinary LG earphone. The presentation photo shown on the webpage is false.




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We are sorry for the misleading product images. We did have the stocks with the B&O initally for this product. Since our suppliers advised us that the recent stocks do not come with the B&O, we revised the product details accordingly. The product images didn't updated instantly due to the image server timeout. The proper product images should be updated now.

Please report to our customer services (info@) with your order refernece number and personal information for the misleading information on our website if you are not satisfied with the product.